There is something about this year!
– I was in my 9th year on this planet
– Our new house in the upcoming suburbs of Nagpur was almost built
– Mrs Indira Gandhi had successfully managed to foil the Khalistan uprisin, incurring a tremendous wrath of the Sikh community – courtesy Operation Blue Star
– My school was changing buildings
– We decided to move-in to the new house on 1st November…I was much thrilled
– Mrs Gandhi the iron woman was assasinated on 31st October….
– Everyone was afraid….my father was shaken…its a big deal you know to see your father AFRAID
– Even a 9 year old could feel the tension and the uncertainity around
– Lots of Sikhs were killed I hear, Aajoba (granpa) and Aaji (granma) would say..its 1947 all over again….
– We moved in regardless, there was no celebration…the vaastu-pooja was a low key affair
– On the positive side , there were wide open spaces around the house, we could run as far as possible, the airport was so close we could see the planes land and take off: it was the coolest thing
– Then came December and my cousins came to stay with us from Bhopal…there was some kind of a gas leak you see….was very bad for their health I was told!
– Then came 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988……..
– 1984 remains a very strange year for me.

More on this later.