Here’s a song for 60 years of our Independence. It was written by Sahir for a movie named “Phir Subah Hogee” from the year 1958. The song effectively conveyed the ethos of the young generation of the Nehruvian India barely 10 years after the Independence. Khayyam’s haunting melody and Mukesh and Asha’s rendition takes this gem of a poem to a whole another level. Sadly the words of this poem are true almost half a century after they were penned. Hope 60 years from today this song is remembered just for its melody and poetry! Hoping a better “subah” does not have to wait for 6 more decades.

wo subah kabhee to aayegee, wo subah kabhee to aayegee
in kaalee sadiyon ke sar se, jab raat kaa aanchal dhalakegaa
jab dukh ke baadal pighalenge, jab sukh kaa saagar chhalakegaa
jab ambar zoom ke naachegaa, jab dharatee nagmei gaayegee
wo subah kabhee to aayegee

jis subah kee khaatir jug jug se, hum sab mar mar kar jite hain
jis subah ke amariat kee boond mein, hum jahar ke pyaale pite hain
in bhookhee pyaasee ruhon par, yek din to karam faramaayegee
wo subah kabhee to aayegee

maanaa ke abhee tere mere aramaanon kee kimat kuchh bhee naheen
mittee kaa bhee hain kuchh mol magar, insaanon kee kimat kuchh bhee naheen
insaanon kee ijjat jab zoothhen sikkon mein naa tolee jaayegee
wo subah kabhee to aayegee