December 31st – the last day of the year. Every other day of the year stands on its own, except the last , this day is mostly ignored in anticipation of the next day – January 1st – the first day of the new year. The significance of the last day of the year is that it’s the one that takes you to January 1st. It’s kind of like an ordinary person being married to a celebrity – the only claim to fame is his/her close association with the celebrity.

This year, welcome the New Year as usual but stop and look back on the old, and live the last day of the year, give 31st December its importance of a regular day, of the cycle of 24 hrs, of 1440 minutes, of 86400 seconds.
Here’s to you 31st December –
· thanks for being the last in line,
· thanks for closing up a crappy year,
· thanks for closing up a happy year,
· thanks for re-igniting the hope of a better and happier new year,
· thanks for turning off the lights. CHEERS – I will see you “the last day of the year” in a year.

A HEALTHY and Peaceful NEW YEAR TO YOU. Peace!