“SORRY” – There is so much power in these six letters when said with the utmost sincerity. It has the power to heal the wounds that are centuries old. The Australian prime minister, Kevin Rudd did as he had promised in his election campaign. He apologized to the thousands of Aborigines and the now called “the stolen generation” for the hundreds of years of sufferings inflicted by the Australian Government.
“For the indignity and degradation thus inflicted on a proud people and a proud culture, we say sorry”.
It takes a ton of courage to utter these words, especially if it’s on the behalf of other people. The response he got after he uttered that magic little word was overwhelming and shook the land down under.

Imagine, just imagine a day: we all apologize for the pain inflicted on each other: Individuals and Nations alike:
Imagine India and Pak apologize to each other and move towards bigger and better things, Imagine Israel and Palestine do the same, Imagine Shias and Sunnis saying “Sorry”, Imagine Hindus and Muslims saying “Sorry”, Imagine Muslims and Christians apologizing, Imagine the US apologizing to the Iraqis, Imagine me apologizing to the guy I showed the finger this morning for tail gating me and he doing the same, Imagine parents saying “Sorry” to their kids and the kids returning the favor. JUST IMAGINE!

Such magic this word has.

The complete speech can be seen here. Watch the response in the third video in the ninth minute.