All of us are annoyed by little things people around us do. This is first amongst a series of things that annoy yours truly.

The Speed-Bump Avoiders
There is a clan of drivers who have devised novel ways of deftly navigating past a speed bump on a road, here’s a sampling –

1) if there is no oncoming traffic (sometimes even if there is) and the bump is on their side of the road, these fearless numb-nuts cross over to other side of the road and then after crossing the bump, swerve back to their side of the road
2) drive on the shoulder and in the process scare the daylights of a pedestrian walking merrily on the sidewalk
3) find a small depression in the speed bump (usually in the centre of the road) and precisely position one wheel on it while the other still rides on the bump

In almost all of the above the driver has done all or some of the following
a) slowed down
b) scared the crap out of some other harmless human being (either driving on the opposite side of the road or the old lady on the sidewalk)
c) lost respect from the fellow passenger (this is a definite if I am riding with him/her)

What is the grand idea then to avoid that speed bump? Some of these Speed-Bump-Avoiders even go to the extent of glancing at the fellow passengers in a “look-how-clever-I-am-and-aren’t-you-in-complete-awe-of-my-avoiding-the-speed-bump-skills” expression on their face.

To these sad drivers I just want to say – “Buddy, look ahead in case you ram into the electric pole or the old lady crossing the road”.