Remember the Mary Magdalene story that has been told for ages. She was being stoned on a street for being a sinner, for being a prostitute. Jesus then comes to her rescue and challenges the crowd – “He who has never sinned may willfully hit the woman”. Not a single man comes forward.

Well, Mr Elliot Spitzer was the stone thrower and now finds himself on the receiving end. There is one thing common in the this recent spate of such sleazy episodes involving prominent politicians. Everytime a sleaze-bag (Bill Clinton, Jim Mcgreevy, Spitzer, that 60 yr old senator from Minneapolis) comes out in public to apologize the wife stands next to him with a dignified face. Are these women really supporting their husbands? Would a wife stand by her husband for cheating and then apologizing on the very next day he has been caught? In my opinion, its pseudo and 100 percent driven by political motives. What are they are trying to project here – is it – “look she stands by me and forgives me, you kind people who out me in the office should also forgive me (ohh btw next time I will make sure I do not get caught!)”?. Vomit. I want to see what a husband will do if his politically powerful wife is caught sleeping around.

(On another note, ancient history is replete with such incidents – The Roman nobility was known for its amoral ways and the husbands and wives were quite OK with the infedilty of their spouses. Again, the motives were 100 percent politically driven. )