YES…YES….YES!!! I am surprised only this one journalist is talking so loudly about this. With great power comes great responsiblity – cheesy as it may sounds, it’s time this country leads by example. Pumping more oil and off-shore drilling ain’t the way to go. Why should I be surprised? – short-sightedness and instant gratification is what this Govt stands for anyway. Stimulus checks, phone taps, bomb far-off countries and now – pump more oil.
On his recent trip to Europe Mr Bush was not greeted with many protestors like in his past visits, the reason – he is so unpopular and boring, people don’t even want to come out to protest anymore. Leave already.
(Disclaimer – I am not a supporter of the Reps or the Dems, I generally do not believe in Govts, Right or Left, Dems or Reps, BJPs or Congs – more on this on a post I have been working on for a while now)