I work as the Diversity & Inclusion lead for my office. What does that mean you might ask? Well, Deloitte as a firm is huge on Diversity and Inclusion (as are most firms these days). Given the size of the organization, each office has a lead who is responsible to be the champion in ensuring that the firm-wide message is communicated to all the employees and that no person ever feels “left out” because of his race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, living situation etc. This is a role which demands creativity and calls for finding innovative ways to celebrate the differences amongst all of us. Anyway, so as a part of this, we (me along with some of my colleagues who sit on the Diversity Council) are planning to create a three-five minutes video on the evolution of the Black population in this country – from slavery to Presidency. This video will then be shown at our next office wide staff meeting (February 6th). I guess, I have some work cut out for me on 1/20 then – must capture many relevant photos and videos. Thinking of interviewing random people on the streets and capturing their reactions. Any other ideas?