Michael Phelps and his marijuana bong has created such a frenzy. I for one do not understand the furore, he was let go for a DUI (which IMO is much much much more serious and potentially harmful to others than smoking a doobie once a while) and here people are shunning him for a silly frivolous act of youthful behavior. This society, media and the holier-than-thou-high-sugar-cereal maker Kelloggs’ (which btw is fattening our kids at an alarming rate) needs to take a chill pill. Let the kid be! And please oh so please legalize marijuana – the Govt will save so much money and time on fighting something which is a futile battle. Stupid, moronic and ridiculous drug laws which allows for hallucinogenic drugs to babies and kids and bans weed. Phelps, you are still the olympic super star to me. Pass me the joint!