I was standing in line to order my lunch at a neighborhood restaurant. Two 50 something white guys were behind me, the line was quite long and slow. One of the guys was checking his blackberry and all of a sudden he burst into a loud laughter. The other guy asks “What’s the matter?” The blackberry guy goes “This friend of mine from South Carolina, he is too funny, listen to this one”. He goes on to read an email from his phone “On June 25th 2009, Farah Fawcett died after a long battle with cancer. On reaching the Pearly gates she was asked what she wishes? She responded – All I want is all the children on Planet Earth to be safe and healthy. After 4 hours Michael Jackson was declared dead“. Both of them started laughing out loud with intermittent remarks of “brilliant“, “hilarious“, “too funny“!!
Funny? You decide!