Before the five of you who read my blog decide to judge me over this post or abandon me and my blog completely hear me out. I am no fan of Anu Malik and this post is not any attempt to change your personal opinion about the person. This post is about those songs composed by Anu Malik that I personally enjoyed and liked at some point of my life. Some of these, I still do. Anu with all his plagiarism or “inspired” compositions aside, did manage to give some memorable music. There is no denying that Anu ruled most of the 90s when it came to Hindi film music. His minor detour of dabbling in pop music is the kind of stuff SNL writers sink their teeth in :

Exhibit A –

“Dekho baarish ho rahee hain, its raining, its raining Mera dil ro raha hain, my heart is crying, crying”

His musical career is mostly marred with such self-adulatory compositions or blatant plagiarism. Somewhere in between however, this son of Sardar Malik managed to churn out some decent melodies. This list is a quick collection of my personal Anu favorites (not in an order of liking). Do you have yours, if you care and dare to admit, i.e.?

Badalon mein chup raha hain – Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayee Many of the Bhatt factory movies had Anu’s music.The entire soundtrack of this movie is pretty awesome – Kaifi Aazmi’s shayari is also noteworthy. On another note – remember Rahul Roy??

Churaake dil mera – Main Khiladi Tu Anari This is an immensely hummable tune, although it falters in the antaras. Shilpa Shetty still can carry that leopard print outfit.
Aankhon mein base ho tum – Takkar Aah, Sonali Bendre…..Ugh, Sunil Shetty. Beauty and the ugliest beast.
Sambhala hain maine – Naraaz Another from the Bhatt factory. On another note, remember Atul Agnihotri?? What can be worse than a movie with Atul Agnihotri in it? A movie with both Atul Agnihotri and Rahul Roy in it!!
Panchee nadiyaan – Refugee A beautiful tune and equally beautiful picturization. J P Dutta knew how to shoot Indian locales, especially Rajasthan.
Raah mein unse mulaqaat – Vijaypath A fairly traditional track, but wins with its simplicity. Do you remember Ruk Ruk Ruk from this movie? Tabu shaking her Thunder Thighs like it’s nobody’s business.
Dekho Dekho Jaanam hum – Ishq Another simple melody, from Kajol’s unibrow days.
Aane wala kal ek sapna hain – Phir Teri Kahaani Yaad aayee I am still trying to understand the lyrics of this song, Kumar Sanu surely ruled the 90s and featured in many of Anu’s songs.
Jiske aane se – Diljale Ignore the nasal “heenhh heennh heenhh” of Kumar Sanu, and this one is a decent melody, and of course Sonali again.
Koi Jaaye to le aaye – Ghatak Mamta of the Kulkarnis gyrating to this catchy number from this Sunny-Raj Santoshi movie.
Taare hain baraati – Virasat This was when Priyadarshan knew how to make decent movies. This song is one of his best picturised songs ever. It creates the atmosphere of a traditional Indian wedding wonderfully and the lighting in each frame is near perfect….fantastic. Jaspinder Narula’s strong vocals elevate the tune even more.
Hume jabse mohabbat ho gayee hain – Border A soft melody and J P Dutta captures the rustic Indian countryside beautifully once again.
Chunari Chunari – Biwi No. 1 Most of us know this from Monsoon Wedding, but this was it’s original avatar. A terrific dance number.
Dil kehta hain – Akele hum akele tum The Indian Kramer Vs Kramer had some plagiarized songs, but this one I think was an original.
Ajnabi shehar hain – Jaan-e-mann Ok, the following two are not from the 90s, but neverthless beautiful tunes and yes Gulzar’s words.
Sau Dard – Jaan-e-mann