I usually do not voice my stand on the wars of the world or the politics of the world on a public forum – mostly because it’s an exercise in futility, in my opinion. However, reading about yet another round of violence in the ever burning Middle East, it got me thinking (which can be quite dangerous). I thought of all the troubles of all the lands and the histories of these lands and their histories with their troubles. I thought of how we are taught to know our history, to know everyone else’s history, to learn from history, to not let history repeat itself (mostly for the “bad” in the history). Our leaders quote out of history time and again, our leaders try to emulate their actions on those of some prominent historical figures, our younger generation is taught to be inspired from the deeds of the historical figures and on goes the never ending swan song of “History”. Long story short, there is way too much indoctrination of “History” in our lives. What’s that got to do with the said violence in the Middle East?

It has a lot to do with it and with most every global conflict of the present day. The history of these “conflict” nations with each other is something the populace does not want to let go of. Their history, in my patronizingly sounding opinion, is their problem child. If there is a true will to resolve and make peace, an entire generation needs to shed the bloody cloaks of their history and look at their situation in a “going forward” point of view. Fuck the past, the past is dead, the past has no eyes and ears, the past is only in the books (which are heavily manipulated), the past is only in the voices of people (which are heavily opinionated). LET IT GO. Look ahead and look at where you want to be as lands where people want to be generally happy and go about their lives amicably, watching movies, buying useless junk, tweeting, breeding babies or whatever else people do when they are not busy blowing each other apart.

Give history its due, bury it, and forget the fuck about it. (I appreciate the fact that it’s easy for me to say it when I am not in the middle of these conflicts, but …but….it’s an option worth trying….since almost everything else seems to be going to the blood stained sewers).