Song: Jaag ke kaati saari raina

Movie: Leela (2002)

Singer/Music Director: Jagjit Singh

On one of the many sleepless nights, I found my ears humming to a long forgotten tune and after much coaxing my memory, the song that emerged was one which I had heard only but a few times – Jaag ke kaati saari raina from the 2002 film, Leela. I have not seen the movie, so have no context on the situation of the song. The lyrics are simple, and honestly, quite mundane by Gulzar’s standards. He could have written these in his sleep (couldn’t help the tongue-in-cheek….so pardon me). I love Jagjit’s voice in this song – there is a bit of a hoarseness and a throaty quality to his voice here. He is not his typical Ghazalee self, probably because this is not a ghazal – I do not have an academic sense of music, so take this statement for what it’s worth. Jagjit also scores music for this song and he mixes the tabla with the guitar quite effortlessly.

जाग के काटी सारी रैना
नैनों में कल ओस गिरी थी
जाग के काटी सारी रैना
प्रेम की अग्नी बुझती नहीं है
बेहेती नदिया रूकती नहीं है
सागर तक बेहेते दो नैना
जाग के काटी सारी रैना
रूह के बंधन खुलते नहीं है
दाग हैं दिल के धुलते नहीं हैं
करवट करवट बाटी रैना
जाग के काटी सारी रैना…