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It’s cliched, it’s hackneyed, and yet there is no denying or arguing against the only inevitability about the happenstance of every life: Death. It won’t be a false statement to say that every living person, as soon as they gain some lucidity (at a variable age for each), knows that  “death” is evident. Yet, most of us spend a lot of the “limited” time we have with so much negativity, and wrapped up in pettiness, that it defies simple logic and rationality. I look around me and am left aghast at the time and energy spent in holding on to grudges that can be easily discarded with a bit of levity. People  live and act as if  they will exist until infinity and erode themselves with inconsequence.

How does one convey the incredulity of the  privilege every living being has been bestowed with? How does one make another to learn to truly and earnestly “let go”. If only they get the essence of the four simple words that I try to abide by “jaane bhi do yaaron“!