As one grows older, is it just me or does everyone finds it hard to make meaningful connections/conversations with people? I used to spend time and energy in connecting with people, in trying to  understand their point of view, and investing in their motivations. Today, I find myself just plain bored with most people who I come in contact with.  Am I alone in feeling this way? Most people I come across seem guarded, most people seem to have fences around them, (or maybe I have built a fence around me)? I need to evaluate if I am not letting people in or them not letting me in? There is a distinct difference in the quality of conversations I have – they are superficial and most opinions and ideas shared are borrowed from snippets of information that people come across via the multitudes of sources that we have available at our fingertips. Most people don’t seem to know the breadth or depth of a topic and yet speak as authoritatively about a topic. They are too proud to accept that they don’t know something about something. They latch on to half baked and fully borrowed ideas and make it sound like they understand and know a lot more about a subject than they actually do. Since when did “I don’t know and hence I will not voice my opinion” become an assault on ones vanity?

Sometimes I feel It can’t be the people, it has to be me! But then I don’t want to discount me. I am sure there are others out there who feel the same way, or maybe I am the sole resident on this island. Either way,  I have very little energy to engage in the frivolity that surrounds me.